A soul of an artist embodies her inner beauty. It is a sum of her experiences, which imprints themselves during the hardest moments of her life. The artist – travelling through an unspoken labyrinth of emotions – and often contrary feelings – finally reaches a treasure. She reaches essence of a beauty, hidden between the darkness. In the dungeons of the spirit, in a underworld of the psyche, the Artist, many times is losing her mental health, destroying her relationships, making a lunatic of herself, creates a work of a life. She paints history of her days. Then, she delivers it to the world of man, to the world where the sun shines. So each and every one could connect with her, could feel her emotions, and accompany in her journey to the interior.

The treasures buried in the darkness are guarded by the shadows…ancestor spirits…forest wraiths…bloodthirsty wolves – cruel daemons of the human psyche. Unwanted children. They will defend the treasures with all their strengths. Each step into the depths of myself is a hard-fought combat full of tears, fears and nightmares. And when the shadows have finally their bellies full of the tears, they demand the most terrible price that could be imagined. They want to be loved. Hugged. They want to feel warmth of my heart. They want someone to caress them and said: „I love you, my child, come with me, I will give you a new home…” . Only then they will transform into something beautiful. Into something that can be showed to people, and about what can be said: „Yes, they are part of me, they are my lost children! Maybe they are ugly, but they are mine. Immortalized on a picture and at last – happy.” Frankly…this is the hardest what I have done in my life. And what I am still doing. This process describes me and my art. However, this is why I was born and why I am creating – to show that each archetypal shadow and personal fear can be overcome by love, so they can be transformed into a good sorceress, a white dove, an angel, who leads to better understanding of myself, the Universe, God…All-That-Is.

The artist makes it for the humanity sake as well as for herself. For evolution of collective consciousness of which she is a part. She is a light, which shines out of the dark, in order to show itself without masks, schemas and ambiguities – as what she is, in her true core. She is like the Morning Star, which shines brightly, solitarily, alone in a dark horizon – that everyone can see her, everyone can hear her story. But who will remember her, when finally she will fade out and when the day will already come? The Star always announces the new dawn, the sun, the day…the end of the dark night. When the day comes, she blends with the light. Thanks to the light we can see colours. The world which is the reflection of our interior is arising from the darkness. The ideas are ascending with spiral movement. I embosom that what I meet during each lap, which elevate me to the higher level of the artistic path which I follow. The artist is a mystic, because in her art she represents all states of spirit and soul. This thought is clearly depicted by a quotation of Piet Mondrian: „The role of an artist is modest. He is just a relay.”

And in fact, he was right. The artist connects known and unknown, understandable with that beyond reason – there she seeks the only truth. Artistic ArtDHD. Laboratory of light and shadow. I am transforming together with my artworks – a pieces of art I create in the same time, as I create myself.

The important role in my life plays music. A violin is an instrument gifted with a spirit. In a comfort of my home, I used to have a little affair with the violin, from time to time. The sound of the violin penetrates through my entire body and sends me some specific vibrations. The colours are sounds from which passionately I am arranging colourful compositions, creating a rich melody lines. Visually sensations from melancholic tones, through the calm ones till those which teems with life. On my images, with a help of colours and sounds, I depict all states of mind and soul – I have experienced – which reflects my interior.

I hope that my artworks will be an announcement of the day that come. They show you that every night, finally comes to its end. They promise, that the bright Sun will shine for everyone.

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