Bogusława BOGNA Chmielewska

On 2003 – she graduated on Faculty of Artistic Education Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań with diploma in painting “Square in rectangle” and a philosophical-theoretical thesis about the nature of beauty.

By 1995 she was working as junior instructor for visual arts and computer graphic designer in many Poznań and Wrocław companies, then she promoted to be a head manager of multimedia department in one of advertising agency in Poznań.

On 1997 she graduated Postgraduate Study of Advertising PROMOCJA in Wrocław, where she acquired a knowledge needed to work as graphic designer and DTP operator.

Since 2007 as the owner of SYMSTUDIO company (previously as BOGNA DESIGN) she has been managing a process of creation, moreover she has been fulfilling oneself as freelancer graphic designer. She illustrates articles in newspapers and magazines as well as makes a drawings for short stories. She creates book’s covers, furthermore she is an oil and acrylic painter.

Since 2011 she was developing Art Theraphy by writing articles for bimonthly PRZYJACIEL.
Selected texts about creative work with children could be found on a website ArtDHD.


1998 – 2003 Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan / Faculty of Artistic Education / Master of Arts
1995 – 1997 Postgraduate Study of Advertising PROMOCJA / Wrocław / graphic design
1990 – 1994 / Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. B. Chrobrego / Brzeg / profil pedagogiczny
1988 – 1990 / Państwowa Szkoła Muzyczna im. J. Elsnera / Brzeg / skrzypce


2016 / poplenerowa wystawa Zwierzę – Ośrodek Edukacji Leśnej w Czeszewie, Nadleśnictwo Jarocin
2016 / wystawa ilustracji portretowej Zwierciadło Duszy – Galeria Centrum Kina Bułgarska 19 / Poznań
2016 / collective exhibition Women and fashion held in DK Nad Wirynką – Łęczyca
2015 / exhibition of illustrations – ArtDHD Laboratory, The Old Stable, Gębiczyn Foundation in Four Seasons Park – connected to a workshop: Charcoal sketches with a dot of colour held in Gallery na Sianie

2015 / exhibition of illustrations Preserve a human within oneself – held in Gallery Cinema Bułgarska 19 in Poznań
2015 / collective exhibition Women and fashion held in DK Nad Wirynką – Łęczyca
2014/2015 / exhibition of illustrations Soul of a child – held in Gallery Cinema Bułgarska 19 in Poznań
2014 / collective exhibition – presentation of selected images – portraits of the most influential women of 2014 for WPROST weekly.
Drawings for article – Women and songs – GOK in Komorniki

2012 / author’s exhibition of paintings Square in rectangle – XVIII Grzybobranki Liryczne in Czarnków
2012 / The saints collective exhibition – painting: Santa Claus and wolves – held in GOK in Komorniki
2012 / author’s collective exhibition of illustrations Square in rectangle in a project Culture for a village, village for a culture – Four Seasons Park in Gębiczyn
2011 / author’s exhibition of oil paintings Square in a rectangle in Brzeg
2010 / The Third International Outdoor Painting – Baroque / exhibition of landscape paintings in Brzeg

Publications of illustrations and articles:

2016 / WPROST 5/2016 cover for the magazine, portrait of man of the year “Wprost” 2015″: Jaroslaw Kaczynski
2014 / WPROST 8/2014 selected illustrations for article The most influential women of Poland in 2014

2014 / Cover design for a book by Ela Abowicz Lucy in troubles – Publishing House Feeria
2013 / Cover design for a book by K. Mirek The way to a dreams – Publishing House Feeria
2013 / Cover design for a book by K. Mirek A duel of feelings – Publishing House Feeria
2013 / Cover design for a book by R. Adwent A year at the end of the world – Publishing House Feeria
2012 / Cover design for a book by G. Gargaś The tomorrow may never come – Publishing House Feeria
2012 / Cover design for a book by G. Gargaś In the muddle of feelings – Publishing House Feeria
2012 / Cover design and illustrations for a publication of PRZYJACIEL Foundation The phenomenon of affection
2012 / Sports illustrations – Calendar for a year of 2012 – Poznań Region

Since 2011 collaboration concerning drawing illustration for PRZYJACIEL


Gębiczyn Foundation – Gniazdo in Czarnków
Bimonthly PRZYJACIEL– illustration for What to play section

Articles for ARTETERAPIA section:

PRZYJACIEL no. 1/2014 – article: Hard feelings and a child
PRZYJACIEL no. 5/2013 – article: Technics, methods and mechanisms of Art theraphy
PRZYJACIEL no. 4/2013 – article: Psychology of ilustration for children
PRZYJACIEL no. 3/2013 – article: Strachy na lachy
PRZYJACIEL no. 2/2013 – article: Inspiring of creative activity of a child
PRZYJACIEL no. 1/2013 – article: Mandala – a circle of luck for a big and small ones
PRZYJACIEL no. 3/2012 – article: Phases of the visual art development part 2
PRZYJACIEL no. 2/2012 – article: Phases of the visual art development part 1
PRZYJACIEL no. 1/2012 – article: Creativity of a child

Other articles:

PSD no. 01/2005 – article: The iconography of modern times
PSD no. 04/2004 – article Stylish Poster
PSD no. 03/2004 – article Trendy Colors
2000 – 2001 / The West of Warsaw / illustrations to articles in the years
2001 / Teletra / The Annual Report / Portraits of the Management Company / watercolor
ComputerArts Nr 12/00 / Digital Art Gallery / presentation of selected illustrations
2000 / September / Coffee service / Prima Cafe – illustrations
1998 / October / Bulletin of the brand Lech – illustrations

Employment history:

2007 – now / SYMSTUDIO / Owner
2004 – 2007 / Multimedia Director / Graphic Designer
2000 – 2004 / MM Studio / Head of Realization Arts
1997 – 2000 / ARDO / / Gamma Promotion / Graphic Designer
1994 – 1995 / BCK / Junior Instructor for the Arts

Recognition & Awards:

2013 / Draw a fairy tale – a competition for illustrators – illustration of a work by Wanda Chotomska Koziołki Pana Zegarmistrza – Publishing House Miejskie Posnania
2007 / award – the calendar illustration / Cezex / Colours of Passion
2006 / award – the cover of the CD to rock music collection / Equilibrecords
2000 / YEA prize for the series of illustrations for children
1997 / First Prize – professional practice in TV Polsat
1996 / First Prize – Christmas Card and Poster Competition Radio Wroclaw

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